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Due to the high degree of precision in the production of our ring joint gaskets, it is possible that temperatures of up to 1,000 °C as well as a total pressure of approximately 1,300 bar can be withstood. The strict API standards are thereby of course always met and often exceeded. Our ring joint gaskets are among the worlds most prestigious, in particular with regard to geometrical precision and the surface finish of the gasket itself as well as the sealing surface of the flanges. Our ring joint gaskets are characterised by a special effectiveness, which is achieved on account of the fact that they are inserted into the trapezoidal groove of the flanges. As a result, the bolt load can be concentrated exclusively on a small area and a high material stress can thereby be reached. It is of utmost importance that the ring material itself always exhibits a softer texture as that of the pair of flanges. The enormous resilience of the ring joint gasket thus results in a material flow into the groove front end, which in turn leads to the sealing effect. Our assortment features not only oval and octagonal ring joint gaskets, but also a wide range of special shapes. We deliver according to our standard materials or tailored to your specifications. Order information When placing your order or inquiry, please provide us with the following parameters: Profile type, ring number and material
OVERVIEW The ring joint gasket is in principle regarded as one of the most reliable and highest-quality metallic gasket, available. They are deployed wherever pipes and fittings are not only exposed to enormously high pressures, but must also have to withstand extreme temperatures. They are in particular deployed in the petrochemical industry, in power plants, in the oil and gas industry as well as in the offshore sector. It is crucial that both the production and processing of this type of gasket complies with the high quality standards.
SPECIFICATIONS  We supply you with the following standards: API 6A (oilfield application) ASME B 16.20 (generally) suitable for ASME, BS and DIN/EN flanges.  PROFILE  Type R (Oval and octagonal) Perfect fit for standard ring joint flanges with trapezoidal grooves.   Type BX and RX  With complex, bevelled edges for pressures above 700 bar.    DIMENSIONS  Standard sizes of up to 1,200 mm Ø We gladly supply you with larger dimensions, on request.  octagonal RX oval  BX
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